Rezoning of former Hawker Tennis Centre and adjoining blocks

Rezoning of former Hawker Tennis Centre and adjoining blocks

Purdon Planning has been engaged by Regional Investments & Pelle Projects to prepare a Planning Report to support a proposed rezoning of Block 9, 10 and part 12 Section 3 Hawker.

The former tennis centre is currently zoned Restricted Access Recreation and the adjoining land is currently zoned Urban Open Space. It is proposed to rezone the land to Community Facility Zone with a residential ‘overlay’ over part of the site.

The rezoning of the land will allow redevelopment for a mix of community facilities and residential development.

Site History

  • 1997 – The original Crown Lease was granted
  • 1983 – The two blocks that formed the Tennis Centre were consolidated
  • 1986 – A new Crown Lease for the consolidated block was issued
  • 2012 Tennis Centre closed
  • 2017 – A lease variation to permit a Child Care Centre on the site was submitted and approved by the ACT Planning & Land Authority
  • 2018 – Proposal to rezone

Project Rationale

Use of the site for a commercial Tennis Centre is not financially viable. The Crown Lease is a commercial lease (not a ‘concessional’ lease) and the current lessees propose to redevelop the site to provide a community facility together with medium density housing. Our Planning study will also investigate opportunities for development for the informal overflow parking area, subject to agreement with the ACT Government Agencies and offset parking areas provided.