Blocks 4 & 5 Section 38 Campbell

Blocks 4 & 5 Section 38 Campbell


Doma are proposing a residential development at Section 38 Campbell.

The site is national land and has access/egress to Limestone Avenue. The property has a common boundary (southern side) with Campbell High School and vacant Territory land to the north.

The proposed development will include:

  • A new residential estate with mixture of apartments and town houses
  • High quality landscaped open spaces
  • Tennis court and pools
  • Basement/undercroft parking
  • Total residential yield of approximately 100 units and 134 townhouses (subject to further detailed design)
  • Building heights ranging from 2-7 levels
  • Vehicle access/egress off Limestone Ave

Project Rationale

  • No demand for vacant office building
  • Demand for a high quality residential precinct in inner north Canberra (not city centre)
  • Buildings in a landscape setting
  • Mixture of housing types with on-site amenities
  • Suitable for singles, families and active older residents seeking to downsize
  • Close to amenities and open space
  • Desire to provide a lower density development than offered in other City developments

Approval Process

  • National Capital Authority (NCA) is the consent authority
  • A Development Control Plan for the site has been approved by the NCA and permits development of up to 60,000sqm of GFA, which is equivalent to about 650 apartments
  • A concept plan will be assessed under provisions of the DCP (as amended)
  • The NCA requires detailed concept plan, technical studies (including traffic; stormwater, bushfire; etc) & a planning report for assessment.
  • Concept plan and revised DCP to be notified for public comment by the NCA in early 2019
  • Decision by NCA on concept plan expected early 2019
  • Environmental and heritage approvals (under the Envrionment Protection & Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act) were received from the Commonwealth Department of Energy and Environment in July 2018. All proposed works will be in accordance with the EPBC approval.

Project Benefits

Once completed, the project will provide residential accommodation in a convenient location that is close to public transport, the city centre, employment nodes, community facilities and major open spaces such as the Mt Ainslie Reserve.

The proposed development is consistent with policy for increased residential density in Central Canberra as outlined in the National Capital Plan and ACT Government policies.

The project will provide a range of apartment and town house sizes in a high quality landscaped setting.

The residential development will provide new housing choices for residents who want to down-size from existing housing into a range of quality designed accommodation, without having to sever social ties in the local area.

The Existing NCP DCP enables development up to 60,000sqm GFA (equivalent to around 650 apartments). Given only 234 dwellings (subject to further design & siting) are proposed, changes to the DCP will be made to reflect and entrench the lower density development. An updated traffic study will be undertaken, even though the scale of the development is significantly less than what is presently permitted in the DCP.

The development will be designed within a landscaped parkland setting with a mix of native and deciduous vegetation. Other sustainable features will include passive solar orientation of buildings, stormwater capture and reuse on site, provision for solar power generation, energy efficient apartments with water and energy efficient appliances, and use of sustainable building materials. During construction, measures will be taken to minimise noise and dust.

In summary, Campbell 38 will create new residential opportunities in Central Canberra and encourage the use of sustainable transport. The proposed plan is consistent with Government policy for inner city redevelopment, and demonstrates continued investor confidence as well as employment in the construction sector in Canberra.