Blocks 3 & 8 Section 32 Bruce


TP Dynamics have engaged Purdon Planning to continue with pre-development application consultation with neighbours and stakeholders, in relation to a proposed staged mixed-use development at Blocks 3 & 8 Section 32 Bruce (21-27 Thynne Street, Bruce).

Previous consultation for the proposed was held in 2019, further consultation is now being undertaken to gain feedback from the community. 

Stage 2:
*Includes a 70 townhouse development and will be subject to a Development Application in the coming months. 
*Mix 2, 3 and 4 bedroom townhouses
*Townhouses are all 2 and 3 storeys with private courtyards 
*All units have their own parking either within private garages attached to their unit, or provided within a shared basement.
*18 on-site visitor car parking spaces
*Access is via an internal driveway which links the two verge crossings on Thynne Street
*site landscaping
*This development will be sited to the rear of Blocks 3 & 8

Stage 2a:
*Proposed mixed-use commercial component 
*Include a supermarket, child care centre, offices, restaurants, retail and apartments 
*4 storeys in height which steps down towards southern boundary
*Basement car parking 
*This development will be sited fronting Thynne Street
*Two access/egress via the shared driveway on Thynne Street.


Territory Plan Variation:
A Territory Plan Variation will be sought to allow a supermarket on the site to a maximum GFA of 1000m2. 

Have your say:

We would like to hear your feedback on the redevelopment proposal.