Block 2 Section 57 Greenway

Block 2 Section 57 Greenway

Figure 1: Subject Site within Tuggeranong Town Centre

Purdon Planning has been engaged by Empire Global to undertake a stakeholder and community engagement process to ensure future development on Block 2 Section 57 (B2 S57) Greenway (Guilfoyle House) aligns with the community’s views, while maximising the benefits for the Town Centre. Empire Global has a strong development presence in Tuggeranong and continues to support the revitalisation of the Town Centre.

Over the past five years, since the release of the Tuggeranong Town Centre Master Plan in 2012, the Town Centre has begun to see the intended rejuvenation develop. This document is an important reference when considering the direction of the Tuggeranong Town Centre, and can be accessed here

The revitalisation of the Town Centre has been strongly driven by the ongoing construction of Southquay Greenway. This development boost has contributed to momentum within Tuggeranong, creating a focus on revitalisation. It is considered that it is now opportune to explore how future development sites within Tuggeranong can seek to better contribute to the changing fabric of the Town Centre. The stakeholders that use the Centre are of critical importance when considering how sites might be developed.


What are we considering?

A Territory Plan Variation (TPV) is being explored for B2 S57 Greenway. The TPV will seek to amend the current Precinct Code stipulated for the subject site in Greenway.

Figure 2: Subject Site

The current Greenway Precinct Map and Code can be accessed here

The primary concern that is being explored through this community engagement process is the building heights for the site (embedded in Rule 9 of the Precinct Code). The current height limits of 24 and 20.5 metres (7-8 storeys) are being considered by the project team for increase to allow more elegant buildings to be delivered on the site.

What feedback are we seeking during this stage of engagement?

In order to initially understand the community’s perception of the context of development within Tuggeranong, our team would like to understand the following:

  1. Question: What do you see the current planning limitations of the existing Tuggeranong Town Centre to be?
  2. Question: What is your vision for the Tuggeranong Town Centre? What kind of Town Centre would you like it to become?
  3. Question: How can major individual sites, such as B2S57 Greenway, contribute to the overall vision for the Town Centre?
  4. Question: Would you like to provide any further comments in relation to the development of the Town Centre?

This engagement process is not affiliated to a Government-led consultation process, but our team has to date, and will continue to engage heavily with the ACT Government. Any items raised that specifically relate to Government-led projects or processes for the redevelopment of the Town Centre will be directed to the appropriate personnel within Government.

To provide your feedback on these questions, please send the team at Purdon Planning an email by clicking here, or by sending an email to . Feel free to also follow us on Twitter and tag us with #yoursaywithPurdons

Stage 1 community feedback questions will be available for an extended period to gain maximum feedback from the community.

What is the overall consultation process?

Purdon Planning is undertaking extensive stakeholder engagement during September – December 2017, using a variety of methods, to ensure a wide and diverse response is captured in relations to the public’s thoughts on the proposal. These opportunities will provide the community with the ability to contribute to the site outcomes for B2 S 57 Greenway. At the completion of the engagement sessions, community feedback will be collated to ensure a thorough capture of feedback has been achieved. This report will be made publicly available through our website.

The diverse consultation methods will be achieved through;

  • Engagement with community groups
  • Community questionnaires (pop-up stalls in various locations)
  • Online community survey
  • Letter box drop, and
  • Social media campaign.

This is Stage 1 of the process, and seeks to understand how the community views the Town Centre. Stage 2 will commence in November 2017, and will provide the community with options on how our team can respond to what was heard during Stage 1 of the engagement process.

What are the key dates for the engagement process?

Both Stage 1 + 2 will commence with a letter box drop (commencing September and November 2017). The delivered postcard will provide the community a ‘snap-shot’ of the proposal and allow interested community members to provide feedback. This can be achieved thorough an online questionnaire via the Purdon Planning website.

During September, October and November 2017 various other community consultation and group sessions will be run to allow interested community members to gain information about the proposal and provide their feedback. Events will be advertised through community associations, and via our website. Keep an eye on our website for session dates and locations.

The project team expects to lodge a position on B2 S57 by the end of this calendar, for Government processes for consideration to commence at the start of 2018.

At present (January 2018) – this proposal is on hold until further notice. It is anticipated that the proposal will gain traction within the next few months. The website will be updated accordingly – please re-check this webpage again for status updates.