Block 1 Section 17 Watson

Block 1 Section 17 Watson (former Watson Service Station)

Monarch Building Solutions are proposing a mixed-use development at Block 1 Section 17 Watson (Corner of Gywnne, Windeyer and Burton Streets). The currently vacant site is located within the Watson Local Centre and was formerly used as a service station.

The proposed development will include:

  • Commercial ground floor
  • Residential units above ground level
  • Basement car parking
  • Central communal courtyard including high-quality landscaping and opportunity for deep-rooted planting
  • Retention of all street trees
  • Basement access off Burton Street

The proposed commercial ground floor will provide additional commercial, hospitality and recreation opportunities to the growing suburb of Watson. The Watson Local Centre is the only retail centre between the ACT and Sutton and as such is an invaluable local centre which caters to a broad population. The proposed ground floor commercial spaces endeavour to contribute to Watson local centre as a thriving, people centred community through activation of an un-utilised site.

Once completed, the project will provide residential accommodation in a convenient location that is close to public transport, the city centre, employment nodes, community facilities and open spaces. The Proponent sees this development as an opportunity to provide a place to meet the need for inter-generational housing needs as well as meet the changing needs of those looking to purchase a unit or downsize.  

It is noted that the suburb of Watson already has a broad range of housing typologies ranging from multi-unit developments to single dwelling housing. However, the proposed development differs from these existing housing typologies as it is located within the local centre and will be part of a mixed-use development. The units will be part of a relatively small and intimate complex that has a high-quality communal space central to all units. The Proponent is committed to retention of all street trees as these trees are considered to contribute to the established character of the area and will provide amenity to future residents. The ground floor retail and hospitality space will provide spaces for outdoor dining and community activity.

All units within this development contain either two or three bedrooms. The two-bedroom units will have a minimum floor area of 83m2. The minimum (and standard) floor space dedicated to two-bedroom units is usually around 70m2. All three-bedroom units will have a floor area of approximately 107m2 which is above the minimum requirement of 95m2. This demonstrates the commitment by the Proponent to develop units which are well proportioned, functional and high-quality.

Architectural Concept Plans are available to download here:

Project Timeframe

Purdon Planning is aiming to lodge a DA for this proposal by August 2019. The timeframe for issue of development approval is unknown at this point. However, Purdon Planning will endeavour to update this webpage with project updates regularly.

Community Consultation

Purdon Planning will be undertaking community consultation on behalf of the Proponent over the next 2 months.

Two drop-in-sessions will occur at the Watson Shops on the following days:

  • Thursday 27 June between 5-7pm
  • Saturday 29 June 2019 from 9-11am.

Comments can be provided via the below ‘Have Your Say’ button or via:

6257 1511 or