Our services, skill base and experience cover a wide range of planning disciplines including: strategic planning, statutory planning, site selection and evaluation, community consultation, master planning, government liaison, community facility planning and environmental assessment.

Development Applications

We have been involved in thousands of Development Applications (DA's) through the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate and Works Approvals (WA's) through the National Capitol Authority. As the DA and WA assessment and lodgment process can be complex our team can provide comprehensive guidance for our clients on government agency liaison and briefings, review of design plans against government policies and codes, pre-application meetings, preparation of planning reports and compilation of documents, and community engagement.

Communication and Engagement

We understand and promote the importance of engaging with the community on planning and development matters to achieve long-term, sustainable outcomes that benefit all.

We work collaboratively with and through groups of people affiliated by geographic proximity and special interest to address their opinions and concerns.

We are highly versed in designing and implementing communications strategies that ensure a broad range of stakeholders are informed, consulted and empowered.

Site identification and planning

Purdon Planning can provide site identification and planning reports to assess potential sites for development and organisation of land use zoning including access, circulation, privacy, security, shelter, land drainage and other relevant factors.

With the preparation of comprehensive studies our team can provide guidelines for socio economic factors inclusding planning, landscaping , including collaboration with both architecture and engineering disciplines.

Development management

If you have land or resources to develop property, but need help managing the development process, Purdon Planning can help. From site identification through to feasibility and development approvals, we can support your development proposal.

Feasibility Analysis

If you are considering the development of a site, we can assist by providing a feasibility study to evaluate the potential of the proposed development. We will assess the site’s main attributes and help you find its optimal yield and best planning outcome.

Due Diligence

We provide Due Diligence assessment for future land uses for residential, commercial and industrial sites and also advice for community, education and additional purpose built projects.

We can assist with strategic advice on possible opportunities and potential issues with detailed site analysis incorporating physical opportunities and constraints and the statutory planning context.

Strategic Planning

As the Canberra and the surrounding region continue to grow and develop, we routinely are engaged by the public and private sector to deliver strategic planning advice.

Whether it is estate development plans, master plans or concept plans, we have the expertise to complete a comprehensive analysis of a selected site and prepare strategies that deliver positive financial and social outcomes.

Land Rezoning

Land Rezoning identifies additional planning opportunities and compatible land usage enabling a range of potential opportunities. Our team can assist with preliminary preparation through to agency consultation and final approval.

Environmental Assessment

With extensive experience in identifying and defining potential environmental effects, we provide clients with studies highlighting the effectiveness and efficiency of particular land usage.

We can provide advice on the projects impact on its environment including review of parking, traffic, pedestrian movement, urban design, street furniture and landscaping.

Planning studies and research

Undergoing extensive and thorough studies and research enables our team to provide clients and partners with a comprehensive program for any project. We apply an investigatory approach covering social, demographic and spatial analysis and also provide development management facilitation and community studies.

Estate Developments Plans

We can assist clients with the identification of property zoning and provide guidance for site development legislation applicable to government guidelines in both the ACT and NSW regions. As Estate Development Plans involve consideration of Statutory Planning and infrastructure requirements our team can assist with Project Management, working with multi-disciplinary teams to deliver an estate.

We also provide clear and succinct advice surrounding lease compliance, sub-division planning, yield analysis and strategic guidance for government liaison.