Block 1 Section 30 Phillip (1 Colbee Court)

Block 1 Section 30 Phillip (1 Colbee Court)

The Site

The site is located within Phillip and is approximately 1239m² in area. It is bound by Grenville Court to the north, Townshend Street to the east, Colbee Court to the south, and other commercial buildings to the west.

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The Proponent and Project Team

PD Pty Ltd, the proponent for the above site, has engaged Stewart Architecture, Envirolinks Landscape Architects, Sellick Consultants and Purdon as part of the consultant team for the redevelopment of this site.

The Proposal

The current building at 1 Colbee Court is proposed to be demolished and rebuilt as a mixed-use commercial and residential building. A previously submitted Lease Variation Development Application is currently under assessment to incorporate the uses proposed.

The proposed building includes one of Canberra’s first true ‘Build-to-Rent’ proposals, allowing for short- or long-term tenancies. These units are designed as dwellings (featuring kitchens, laundry areas and bathrooms) to accommodate high-residential amenity.

The building will also accommodate a diverse ground floor, which hosts all access points (vehicular, pedestrian, waste, and goods loading/unloading areas) plus commercial tenancies across multiple frontages. This highly functional but attractive ground floor will provide for activity both during and outside work hours.

The residential component of the development proposes approximately 43 units, made up of 1 and 2 bedroom-type residences with associated balconies for private open space. The residents will have additional amenity areas including communal outdoor entertaining areas on level 2 and commercial tenancies at ground level.

These commercial elements are intended to include a mixture of commercial uses accessed via multiple frontages and a café in the rear laneway to stimulate activity across the entire ground floor. The design of these spaces includes generous double height ceilings to invite activity to site.

Associated basement car parking and resident’s storage cages are also proposed. The proposed building has also made provision for discreet location of Substation facilities behind the building line, to ensure the street is not cluttered with utility infrastructure.

The proposal is being presented to the community as part of mandatory Pre-DA community consultation activities.

Statutory Planning

The subject site is formally recognised as Block 1 Section 30 Phillip. The site is zoned CZ3 – Services Zone, under which the proposed residential and commercial uses are permitted.

While the details of the design are still being finalised, the overall design is considered consistent with the relevant Territory Plan Codes as well as the intent of the Woden Town Centre Masterplan. The relevant current Codes include the Phillip Precinct Code, the Commercial Zones Development Code, Multi Unit Housing Development Code and the general codes where applicable.

The proposal responds well to the applicable controls of the Territory Plan, due to – the high-quality design and proposed materials of the buildings; the activation likely to occur as a result of the building and prominence of this location; the through-site pedestrian/vehicular connections; and the on-site residential and commercial uses. The Phillip Precinct Code identifies the site in the ‘RC1’ area and is able to respond to the controls that apply to the site including in regard to site use, activation and height.

The proposal will provide the basement car parking and bicycle facilities in accordance with the relevant general codes, provides accessibility across the site and adaptable residential units, in accordance with the Access and Mobility General Code. The site design allows for pedestrian activity across the block, and views from upper levels will enable a strong response to the Crime Prevention through Environmental Design General Code.

As detailed below the proposal responds well to the objectives of the zone as reproduced below. The CZ3 – Services Zone Objectives are:

  1. Provide for a range of conveniently located services and lower rent commercial activities
  2. Ensure that commercial development supports but does not undermine the function of the CZ1 Core Zone and the CZ2 Business Zone
  3. Accommodate retail uses or entertainment facilities requiring larger sites
  4. Encourage a mix of land uses which contribute to an active and diverse character
  5. Maintain and enhance environmental amenity and encourage a standard of urban design consistent with the function of the Zone
  6. Undertake development using best practice environmentally sustainable development principles
  7. Promote active living and active travel
  8. Encourage an attractive, safe, well-lit and connected pedestrian environment with convenient access to public transport
  9. Provide a high-quality public realm by facilitating active uses on ground floor level that connects with the wider open space, pedestrian and cycle networks to promote active travel and active living.

The proposed development encourages a mix of land uses, both commercial and residential which contribute to an active and diverse character through introducing these uses in an otherwise services based area. The proposal will make a significant contribution to enhance environmental amenity and encourage a greater standard of urban design. The building will promote active living and active travel and encourage an attractive, safe, well-lit and connected pedestrian environment with convenient access to public transport through its location within 400m walking distance of a rapid bus route and design of ground floor spaces. These spaces will feature active uses on ground floor level that connects with the surrounding streets further to provide for a high-quality public realm.

Architectural Plans

Plans are available for download via the link below. Please note that these plans are a work in progress and may be subject to minor changes throughout the design development stage.

National Capital Design Review Panel Advice

As per the Pre-DA Community Consultation Guidelines, developments that are required to consult with the NCDRP must undertake this prior to Pre-DA community consultation.

The NCDRP comments must also be presented to the community during consultation.

Please click on the link below to view the panel’s advice.

Opportunities for Community Input/Feedback

The Pre-DA community consultation period for this project is 2nd – 16th December 2022.

Purdon will be hosting an online consultation session with members of the project team on:

Thursday 8th of December 2022 starting at 5.30pm.

To register for the online session, please email us at and state “Phillip BTR consultation” in the email title. A link to join the online session will be emailed to you the day prior.

Further Information

Comments can be provided via:

All comments should be received in writing, within the consultation timeframe, to be discussed at the online sessions, and/or responded to in our Results of Consultation Report, which will form part of the Development Application submission.

If you do not have access to email, please call us to register your comments on 02 6257 1511.

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