Block 3 Section 95 Watson (Territory Plan Variation)

Block 3 Section 95 Watson (Territory Plan Variation)


Maryalicec Pty Limited has engaged Purdon to prepare a planning study in support of an application to vary the Territory Plan for Block 3 Section 95 Watson located on the corner of Aspinall Street and Antill Street. The variation will allow the site to be developed for residential purposes, in a similar fashion to the rest of the surrounding area.

As part of the process involved in undertaking the Planning Study, we are consulting the local community to seek early feedback on key issues, concerns or support associated with the rezoning. This will enable the consultant team to capture community views to inform our Planning Study.

The Site

The site is located within the Inner North Canberra district and occupies Block 3 Section 95 Watson with an area of 34,487m2. The site is currently zoned CZ6 – Leisure and Accommodation Commercial Zone and is subject to Future Urban Overlay (FUA) in the Territory Plan.

The site is bounded by Antill Street and Aspinall Street with a range of uses around the site. Adjacent land uses are mixed, with low to medium-rise residential developments to the south and immediately north of the subject site. To the west of the site there are a range of community uses among residential uses, such as a Church, Youth with a Mission, and the Canberra Potters Society Inc located further West. The Canberra Carotel motel currently operates on the subject site. To the east is a Nature Reserve which joins into the Mount Majura Special Purpose Reserve.

Near Maps, 2022

Indicative Development

As part of the Territory Plan Variation process, it is intended that the development on the subject site will predominately be a mix of residential uses ranging from town houses to limited, small-scale apartment blocks. The proposed residential use is considered to be fitting for the subject site given existing development in the local area, and the desirability of additional residential development to achieve urban infill and increased densities within existing urban areas.

A concept masterplan has been prepared to understand the potential yield, densities and residential typologies possible on the subject site. This community consultation is undertaken to understand the views of the local community and adjacent lessees to inform the final masterplan.

Territory Plan Variation

Where the development of land is under the jurisdiction of the ACT Government, planning controls are set by the Territory Plan.  The Territory Plan manages land use change and development in a manner consistent with strategic planning policies.

The Territory Plan is under constant review to meet the objectives and desired outcomes for Canberra as a growing city. The North Watson structure plan identifies the subject site and other neighbouring areas to provide a maximum of 1,300 dwellings (combined) within the recognised area. A Territory Plan variation (often referred to as a ‘rezoning’) is required for this proposal to allow the site to realise the principles and policies set out in the structure plan and to ensure the proposed development is consistent with the Territory Plan. The key steps in the rezoning process include:

  1. The preparation of a Planning Report and associated studies in accordance with the requirements of the ACT Environment Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD).  This study involves investigation of potential impacts such as building heights, development density, setbacks, land uses, traffic, and parking.  The Planning Report is also required to consider feedback received through undertaking preliminary community consultation.
  2. The Statutory Plan Variation process by EPSDD involving:
  • Review of the Planning Report by ACT Government Agencies
  • Preparation of the Rezoning documents by EPSDD
  • Public notification of the draft rezoning and the Planning Report
  • Consideration of public and agency comments
  • Finalisation by EPSDD and recommendation to Minister for Planning
  • Decision by the Minister for Planning
  • Possible review by Legislative Assembly committee, including public hearing
  • Gazettal of the Territory Plan Variation (if approved).

For further information on the process of Varying the Territory Plan, please refer to the EPSDD website:

Once the rezoning process is completed, a Development Application will need to be prepared for any building proposal on the site. All subsequent DA’s will be subject to community consultation process for the detailed design of future buildings.

The Rezoning Proposal

The proposed Territory Plan Variation is to change the zoning of the Block from its current CZ6 Leisure and Accommodation Zone to a suitable Residential Zone.

It is considered that mixed density residential development is the most appropriate use of the site representing the best outcome for the area and is compatible with adjacent land uses. The site is well situated with its eastern edge facing the Mount Majura Nature Reserve, offering the potential for high amenity living within one of the last remaining blocks in the North Watson residential area. The intention of the site is to offer a range of low and medium residential typologies, consistent with the surrounding area.

This change in zone will allow for the indicative development to be realised on the site which will be subject to a separate Development Application and community consultation. This consultation is only for the proposed rezoning of the site.

For further details on the applicable zone objectives, uses permitted and rules/criteria, please see the current Territory Plan at:

Architectural Plans

Indicative Masterplan and other relevant drawings are available for download via the following link:

Please note that these plans are indicative of the potential development on-site following a successful Territory Plan Variation process and will be subject to changes throughout the development application stages.

Opportunities for Community Input/Feedback

Purdon will host an online consultation session on:

Wednesday 26 October, 2022 commencing at 5:30pm

Should you be interested in discussing the proposed rezoning at the online consultation session, please register your interest via the form below.

Further Information

If you’d like further information or would like to discuss the Proposal, please contact Purdon on: or (02) 6257 1511

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