Block 7 Section 67 Lyneham - Yowani Country Club

Block 7 Section 67 Lyneham - Yowani Country Club

The Site

Block 7 Section 67 Lyneham is the site of the Yowani Country Club and golf course which occupies an area of approximately 55ha. The area subject to the Estate Development Plan (EDP) forms only part of the said block (8.66ha) and is located on the eastern side of the block fronting Northbourne Avenue.

Site (Purdon Planning)


The Yowani Country Club (Yowani) was established in 1954 and provides golf and bowls services to its members and the general public. Yowani was once rated amongst the top 50 golf courses in the country and is still regarded as an excellent inland golf course.

Yowani is a not-for-profit corporate entity which is wholly owned by its Ordinary Golf and Bowls Members and its primary purpose is the promotion and conduct of the games of golf and bowls.

In recent years the club has felt the negative impact from the Covid pandemic with a downturn in member patronage of the clubhouse facilities and a significant increase in water costs. To remain financially viable, Yowani recently entered into a Development Agreement with TP Dynamics to develop part of the site for a mixed use residential precinct. The agreement will enable the club to build a new, contemporary clubhouse and upgrade its 18 hole golf course to once again be a competition grade facility, with an aim to be in the top 100 courses in the country once again.

The site has been the subject of analysis and master planning as part of the City and Gateway Strategy prepared by the National Capital Authority and Territory Government, which identified the site as a key location for renewal and development, given its proximity to the Northbourne Avenue Corridor, a key transport corridor and Main Avenue into Canberra.

The City and Gateway Strategy lead to an amendment to the National Capital Plan which ratified many of the recommendations of the City and Gateway Strategy, this was completed in April 2019.

A Territory Plan Variation (TPV) was completed in 2021 for the subject site to rezone part of the site from PRZ2: Restricted Access Recreation Zone to CZ5: Mixed Use Zone which is the subject of this EDP Development Application (DA). The Lyneham Precinct code was also updated, enabling redevelopment of the eastern part of the Yowani block (subject site).

The Proposal

TP Dynamics are preparing to submit an Estate Development Plan (EDP) Development Application (DA) which will establish the key infrastructure to enable individual developments on the subject site. A subdivision of the subject site from the Golf Club land (Block 7 Section 67 Lyneham) is being undertaken as part of a separate, concurrent DA.

The EDP proposal includes the construction of the new Swinden Street Extension which will be handed back to the Territory, internal access roads, associated service utilities and verge landscaping.

No buildings are proposed as part of this EDP, buildings for the site will be the subject of separate DAs and additional pre DA consultation in the future.

Cox Architecture

Statutory Planning

The subject site is located within CZ5 – Mixed-Use Zone under the Territory Plan and is within the main avenues and approach routes overlay under the National Capital Plan which permits the proposed residential and commercial uses.

While the detailed design of the built form is still under design development, the overall concept is considered to be consistent with the various applicable planning requirements under the National Capital Plan and the Territory Plan including the relevant Codes; Lyneham Precinct Code, Commercial Zones Development Code, Estate Development Code, and the general codes where applicable.

The proposal is broadly consistent with the main avenues and approach routes overlay however detailed design criteria will be addressed at a later stage. This EDP will enable the future buildings to be compliant with the National Capital Plan.

The proposal responds well to the overall objectives of the CZ5 Mixed-Use Zone, which are to:

a) Encourage higher density residential development in locations with convenient access to transport corridors, and commercial and employment centres

b) Create an efficient and sustainable urban environment and provide for a diversity of living, working and recreation opportunities

c) Maintain and enhance environmental amenity and undertake development using best practice environmentally sustainable development principles

d) Encourage a standard of urban design that is consistent with selected major avenues, approach routes and other strategically located areas

e) Encourage activities particularly at street frontage level that contribute to an active public realm

f) Promote active living and active travel

g) Provide a high quality public realm by facilitating active uses on ground floor level that connects with the wider open space, pedestrian and cycle networks to promote active travel and active living.

h) Provide a mixture of compatible land uses and integrate suitable business, office, residential, retail and other development in accessible locations so as to encourage walking and cycling, and maximise public transport patronage.

The proposal satisfies these objectives by enabling sites which will provide mixed land uses, including high-density residential, that will create activity and interest across the estate in a sustainable manner that encourages active travel.

The estate satisfies the requirements of the Estate Development Code, including matters relating to:

  • Layout
  • Public transport, walking and cycling
  • Street layout
  • Public realm
  • Environment/Heritage protection
  • Services and infrastructure
  • Block diversity
  • Block layout and orientation
  • Street network
  • Public realm
  • Blocks with special characteristics

Project Timeframe

Purdon Planning is aiming to lodge a DA later this year.

Concept Masterplan

Opportunities for Community Input/Feedback

Purdon Planning will be undertaking community consultation on behalf of the Proponent, commencing Monday 5 September until Friday 23 September 2022.

We will hold one online information session as follows:

  • Wednesday 14th September, commencing at 5:30pm

Please register your interest via email to, and a meeting link to the session will be emailed to you the day prior to the session.

You can also send your feedback about the proposed EDP using the form below.

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