Block 23 Section 6 Barton (10 Brisbane Ave)

Block 23 Section 6 Barton (10 Brisbane Ave)

The Site

Block 23 Section 6 Barton is fronted by Brisbane Avenue and is adjacent a public walkway between Brisbane Avenue and Blackall Street. Uses surrounding the site include residential, but are predominately office/commercial developments.

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The Proposal

The proposal is to update an existing office site to provide a well-appointed contemporary office building within the office precinct of Barton. The project includes the demolition of the existing building and carparking structures, and the construction of a new eight-storey building with a three level basement carpark, first-class end of trip facilities, dynamic communal workspaces centred around a large full height atrium, a café space and a sunken landscaped courtyard.

The building’s principal address is to Brisbane Avenue, where careful consideration has been given to streetscape appearance and functionality. The streetscape of Brisbane Avenue will be significantly improved through significant landscaping and a contemporary façade. The considered design of this prominent façade allows for the location of electrical substation behind the facade and includes a sculptural porte-cochere which will improve the overall appearance from the street. The functionality of this façade is demonstrated by the provision of safe pedestrian/cyclist entries to the building in association with a vehicle layover to prevent congestion of Brisbane Avenue.

The design will also encourage movement up the pedestrian path (between Brisbane Ave and Blackall St) via an interactive façade which features direct sightlines into the central atrium space to encourage interest in the building form.

The proposal responds to the steep site characteristics, which sees a 7m fall from north to south, through the provision of multiple site entries into different levels/uses of the building and landscaped areas.

The design responds to the existing aesthetics along Brisbane Avenue and the wider Barton area, incorporating modern energy efficient glazing that is supported by architectural fins that break the building form into two-storey elements that will reduce the scale of the building when viewed from adjacent buildings and public spaces, but still provide for the quality and quantity of the office accommodation required in such a desirable location.

The landscape represents a contemporary blend of formal geometry and curved interfaces to fit site and community aspirations. The landscape is designed to create attractive and adaptable workplace environments that foster community partnerships and individual wellbeing. Habitats created through microclimates, bird attracting tree species and plants that require animals or insects for propagation will be utilised.

The proposed development features plantings to fill voids providing colour, screening and shade. Indoor atrium planting will highlight the developments playful interaction between indoor and outdoor environments. Perimeter planting will embellish pedestrian access and provide a green backdrop to the development. Feature sculptures and art screens based on Burley Griffin geometry reinforces the design character of the overall development.

Statutory Planning

Block 23 Section 6 Barton is Designated Land, meaning the planning controls are administered by the National Capital Authority within the National Capital Plan. The site is located within the Barton Precinct (as shown below).

The proposal meets the broad objectives of the National Capital Plan and the specifics for the Barton office precinct, which are noted below.

The proposal is for office use, which is consistent with Land Use plan for Barton (reproduced below).

parapet walls at all four corners of Parliament Drive and creates an acceptable boundary in terms of building and preserving built form linkages to Parliament House. Minor building elements may extend building height above RL 591 where this enhances the architectural quality of the building, and fosters energy efficiency, indoor amenity, appropriate urban scale, and adds visual interest to the skyline. It is considered the proposal adequately responds to these height requirements.

High quality landscape design is sought and is provided by the proposal. The plan also requires new developments to provide a positive address to pedestrian areas, which the proposal does along the public pathway adjacent the site and at the northern and southern boundaries of the site. Blank façades and exposed service areas have been avoided where possible. The design promotes sustainability through the promotion of cyclist facilities and entries, which also encourage walking to site.

The proposal has undergone one round of consultation with the National Capital Design Review Panel, as the proposal is over 5 storeys in height. The initial design was revised following the initial presentation and the panel decided further consultation between the proponent and the NCDRP was unnecessary. The revision included changes to the landscaping, internal design and façade treatments.

Architectural Plans

Plans are available for download via the below link. Please note that these plans are preliminary and may be subject to minor changes following this consultation process and through the detailed design development stage.

Opportunities for community input/feedback

Purdon Planning will be undertaking individual consultation via phone or email on behalf of the Proponent, commencing Friday 24 June until Friday 15 July 2022.

We will be happy to discuss or respond to any query you may have in relation to the proposal. We will then provide a summary of these issues to the NCA for consideration with the Works Approval application.

Please use the form below or email with any queries or comments about the proposal. If you would like to discuss this over the phone, please call 6257 1511.

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