Kippax Group Centre Improvements

Kippax Group Centre Improvements


The ACT Government is improving public space design and infrastructure at local shopping centres to make these more functional, safely accessible, and active spaces.

The Kippax Group Centre was established in the 1970s as a weekly shopping destination for the surrounding suburbs, and while this function is ongoing, recent residential development in West Belconnen has increased visitation and demand for the services and amenity the Centre offers. There is a need and opportunity to build on existing features to strengthen the role of Kippax as a business, community and transport hub that can support the needs of a growing population in West Belconnen.

The Kippax Group Centre Masterplan was released in 2019 and sets out the Government’s vision, planning principles, spatial framework, and planning strategies to guide growth and development at the centre over time. The Masterplan proposes urban intensification with public space design that facilitates business and social interaction and is less reliant on car transport. Masterplan priorities for the Centre are to:

  • enhance public spaces, especially on Hardwick Crescent and the central plaza near the library.
  • improve safety, access, and convenience to and within the centre for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • build and strengthen the role of Kippax Centre as the major West Belconnen transport hub.
  • retain car parking capacity but improve by reorganising traffic circulation.

As part of the ACT Government Local Shops Improvements Program 2021-25, the Kippax Group Centre Improvements project will progress the Masterplan vision and priorities for the area shown below.

Our purpose in this consultation

Purdon Planning has been engaged by the ACT Government to conduct early public stakeholder engagement to identify opportunities, limitations, issues, and priorities to inform the public space improvements design.

Changes at Kippax

You may have noticed in recent months that a few things are happening at Kippax such as the land to the rear of Kippax Fair being released for development through a two stage sale process, the second stage of which is yet to commence.

While this will not directly affect the public realm or the carparking arrangements along Hardwick Crescent, significant changes across the broader group centre over time are likely. In the meantime, the ACT Government is taking the opportunity to improve the general amenity, accessibility, and safety of the public realm as possible in areas least likely to be affected by longer term changes.

The area at Figure 1 below is being currently considered for the improvement, and the ACT Government wants to hear from you about opportunities, limitations, issues, and priorities in that area.

Figure 1 — Kippax Group Centre Improvements Area


To ensure the ACT Government is hearing from the Kippax community, we are reaching out at this early stage of the process to get ideas and suggestions about what might be improved at Kippax.

Below is a list of other people and organisations we will be talking to through the course of this engagement. We hope to speak to a broad range of stakeholders before a draft preliminary design is prepared by the design team.

  • The Kippax Fair owners and all businesses operating in Kippax Fair
  • Surrounding local businesses
  • Belconnen Community Council Chair
  • Raiders Belconnen
  • United Ngunnawal Elders Council
  • Masonic Village Aged Care
  • Uniting Church
  • Kingsford Smith School
  • Community Services
  • Kippax Public Library staff
  • YMCA early learning centre
  • Disability support services
  • Body corporates of local residential developments

What we are after from you?

We would be grateful if you would consider how you and your community, customers and/or staff engage with the Centre and the specific improvements and upgrades that you would like to see in the area shown in Figure 1.

We would also appreciate any general feedback that you may wish to provide regarding the following topics, as this will also inform the early design work.

The sorts of questions we would like you to think about include, but are not limited to:

  1. Public safety
  2. Security
  3. Accessibility
  4. Amenity
  5. Function
  6. Appearance
  7. Parking
  8. Trees/Landscaping

We look forward to hearing from you and would be happy to answer any questions you may have in the meantime. Our contact details are below.

What happens next?

After we collect initial comments and ideas from key stakeholders at Kippax (you), we will pass this feedback onto the design team. It will then inform the design. Once we have the outlines of a design, we will bring that design back to you to see if we understood and interpreted your comments correctly.

Following on from this there will be consultation on the draft plans with the wider Kippax and Canberra community via the ACT Government YourSay website. The results of all consultations as well as the site investigations currently underway, will help inform a final design that is achievable and can be constructed as part of the current upgrade project.

How do I comment?

Please provide your comments in the form below or phone the Purdon office on 6257 1511

Alternatively, please print and complete the survey below and email it to

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