Garran Primary School Modernisation Project

Garran Primary School Modernisation Project


The ACT Government has engaged Purdon Planning to prepare a Planning Study to support the proposed rezoning of a part of Block 9, Section 33 Garran to allow for the Garran Primary School Modernisation Project.

As part of the research involved in undertaking the Planning Study, we are consulting the local community to seek early feedback on key issues associated with the rezoning of part of this block.  This will enable us to consider community feedback as part of our Planning Study.

The Education directorate will facilitate future consultations with the community as the master planning process develops.

The Locality

The site is directly adjacent the existing Garran Primary School site and the Garran Pre-School. Presently the site contains the Garran Oval (currently the site of the ACT’s temporary COVID Surge Centre), a carpark, trees and a floodway. Currently vehicular access to the site is via Kitchener Street but is also bound by Robson Street to the north and Gilmore Crescent to the south. The site is directly adjacent the Canberra Hospital and surrounds the Garran Scout Hall, and is approximately 400m from the Garran Shops.

Locality (ACTmapi 2022)

Territory Plan Variation

Where the development of land is under the jurisdiction of the ACT Government, planning controls are set by the Territory Plan. The Territory Plan manages land use change and development in a manner consistent with strategic planning policies.

The Territory Plan is under constant review to meet the objectives and desired outcomes for Canberra as a growing city. A Territory Plan variation (often referred to as a ‘rezoning’) is required for this proposal to permit Educational Establishment to be developed on the subject site as the current zoning (PRZ1 – Urban Open Space) does not permit Educational Establishment development.  The key steps in the rezoning process include:

  1. The preparation of a Planning Report and associated studies in accordance with the requirements of the ACT Environment Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD). This study involves investigation of potential impacts such as building heights, land use compatibility, environmental, traffic, and parking. The Planning Report is also required to consider feedback received through undertaking preliminary community consultation.
  2. The Statutory Plan Variation process by EPSDD involving:
  • Review of the Planning Report by ACT Government Agencies
  • Preparation of the Rezoning documents by EPSDD
  • Public notification of the draft rezoning and the Planning Report
  • Consideration of public and agency comments
  • Finalisation by EPSDD and recommendation to Minister for Planning
  • Decision by the Minister for Planning
  • Possible review by Legislative Assembly committee, including public hearing
  • Gazettal of the Territory Plan Variation (if approved).

For further information on the process of Varying the Territory Plan, please refer to the EPSDD website:

Once the rezoning process is completed, the detailed design of the future Garran Primary School Modernisation Project can progress.

The Rezoning Proposal

The proposed Territory Plan Variation is to change the zoning of part of the Block from its current PRZ1 – Urban Open Space Zone to CF Community Facility zone.  

This change in zone will permit the development of a modernised Garran Primary School, with Pre-School, including the ability for vehicular access and parking from Kitchener and Robson Street.

Any future development proposal must comply with the Territory Plan zone objectives and list of permitted uses in addition to a range of Territory Plan Codes.

Under the proposed CF Community Facility zoning the applicable zone objectives would be:

a) To facilitate social sustainability and inclusion through providing accessible sites for key government and non-government facilities and services for individuals, families, and communities.

b) To provide accessible sites for civic life and allow community organisations to meet the needs of the Territory’s various forms of community.

c) To protect these social and community uses from competition from other uses.

d) To enable the efficient use of land through facilitating the co-location, and multi-use of community facilities, generally near public transport routes and convenience services appropriate to the use.

e) To encourage adaptable and affordable housing for persons in need of residential support or care.

f) To safeguard the amenity of surrounding residential areas against unacceptable adverse impacts including from traffic, parking, noise or loss of privacy.

g) Promote active living and active travel

h) Provide safe pedestrian and cycling access to community facilities to promote active living.

A change in permitted uses would enable educational establishment (subject to assessment by the ACT Planning and Land Authority) to be pursued on the site under the proposed CF zoning.

Further to these changes, the change in zone will result in changes to the applicable controls within the Territory Plan. For further details on the applicable zone objectives, uses permitted and rules/criteria, please see the current Territory Plan at:

Opportunities for Community Input/Feedback

Purdon Planning will host a drop-in session at Garran Primary School library on Thursday 28th April 2022 between 5.30pm – 7:30pm.

Should you be interested in discussing the proposed rezoning outside of the drop-in session, please complete the below form or call Purdon Planning on (02) 6257 1511

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