South Jerrabomberra High Voltage Supply Project

South Jerrabomberra High Voltage Supply Project

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About the Project and the Site

Essential Energy, has engaged Purdon Planning to undertake a community consultation process in relation to the installation of approximately 230m of overhead 132kV powerline from the ACT/NSW border to a connection point immediately east of the Oaks Estate Transgrid substation. This project is a part of a larger electricity infrastructure upgrade to meet the needs of the custombers of the new South Jerrabomberra development. This consultation relates only to the cables located within the ACT border.

The route of the ACT cables traverses Blocks 2066 & 2242 Jerrabomberra, Railway St road reserve and Block 1 Section 10 Beard, approximate location of the cables shown in the image below.

The proposed new powerline will extend for approximately 230m from existing Line 975 to the east of the Transgrid substation located between Beard and Oaks Estate, southward to the NSW border. The route traverses Block 2242 east of the substation, then the Railway St road reserve, the Canberra Railway Line, Block 1 Section 10 Beard and then over an un-named road reserve. At this point the line enters NSW and further works are subject to NSW environmental impact assessment and approvals processes which are currently underway. Please visit the Essential Energy website for details of the full project.

Project Objectives and Need

Essential Energy has identified a need to augment the electricity supply network in the region to continue to foster and encourage economic development and increase electricity supply reliability through the installation of a new dual circuit 132kV powerline.

The South Jerrabomberra development, south of Queanbeyan in New South Wales (NSW), is identified as a project enabling regional growth and the Innovation Precinct is the State’s third Regional Jobs Precinct. The NSW Government and the Council are making significant contributions to the development, including from the Regional Growth Fund / Growing Local Economies Fund, for construction of road, sewer, and electricity infrastructure.   

Strategic development of electricity supply to the South Jerrabomberra development area in NSW is required over at least the next 10 years to support the forecasted growth of multiple time-staged real estate developments.  These developments are proposed to service a broad mix of precincts, including residential, retail, business, industrial, education, sporting, community and open space precincts.

An upgrade and augmentation of the high voltage electricity supply will cater for future uses and increase reliability to existing uses, future proofing essential infrastructure services to the broader region.

Essential Energy examined a number of potential high voltage supply options, with options originating from the Transgrid Oaks Estate substation located within the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).  The proposal is to connect into an existing Essential Energy 132kV powerline, No. 975, that exits the Oaks Estate substation immediately to the east of the substation. The powerline would then head in a southerly direction directly towards the ACT/NSW border and ultimately continue in NSW. This connection point would facilitate the high voltage supply to a proposed new substation in the NSW suburb of Jerrabomberra. A connection into the powerline, No. 975 near the Transgrid substation within the ACT is a critical component of the high voltage supply.

The objectives of the project will be to:

  • Increase electricity supply reliability of the broader Queanbeyan region
  • Future proof ongoing supply needs over the next ten years based on current and proposed developments
  • Be a cost-effective solution to drive down the price of electricity
  • Minimise environmental impacts by utilising existing disturbed corridors

Description of works

The proposal will require the installation of approximately 230m of dual circuit overhead 132kV powerlines in the ACT from the ACT/NSW border to a connection point immediately east of the Transgrid substation.

The works will involve:

  • Site establishment
  • Transportation of equipment and components to site
  • Survey and peg pole locations
  • Transport poles to locations
  • Dress the poles (connect insulators and other components to the poles prior to installation)
  • Auger approximately 1.2m diameter holes for the poles and then lift the pole into position
  • String the conductors between the powerline
  • Commission and test the powerline.


This consultation is only for works within the ACT side of the border, and those subject to the EIS, that involves the installation of approximately 230m of dual circuit overhead 132kV powerlines in the ACT from the ACT/NSW border to a connection point immediately east of the Transgrid substation and six poles. Typically poles would be approximately 21m high (24m poles apart with approximately 3m below ground). However, as the new powerline will need to extend over existing powerlines exiting the Oaks Estate substation, four of the poles (two either side of the existing powerlines) will need to be approximately 30m in height to span across those existing powerlines.

The proposal is now being presented to the community as part of the consultation prior to the lodgement of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The consultation is open for comments until 14th March 2022.

If you wish to know more about the project please reach out to us via email or or provide feedback using the form below. We can also be reached via phone on 6257 1511.

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