Blocks 22 and 13 Section 22 Kingston (July 2021)

Blocks 22 and 13 Section 22 Kingston (July 2021)

The Proposal

Following community consultation in 2020, the project team have designed a new proposal for development of the site, consistent with feedback received. The community raised that the bulk and scale of the previously proposed design was not befitting the communities’ views of what the site should be. Full reliance on the rear laneway for access to the building by vehicle was also raised as a concern due to the perceived impact to local residents. Introducing residential on the site was also raised as a concern by members of the community.

Feedback was received from several respondents that a four-storey building would be more appropriate and in keeping with the desired character of Kingston. This design also reflects the height limit recommendations for the site from the 2011 Kingston Group Centre Master Plan.

Having regard to the feedback received, we propose a four-storey commercial building, featuring office use at the top three floors with ground floor activation through other commercial tenancies. The development will include two levels of basement car parking accessed via Giles Street, with service areas at the rear accessed via the laneway.

This proposal responds to feedback received and will reduce perceived impacts compared to the previous bulk and scale of the 2020 proposal. The revised proposal will reduce impacts of overshadowing and will have a reduced impact with regard to the rear laneway while still providing opportunities for pedestrian permeability.

This development will provide office and commercial services to the inner south community and provide more diverse employment opportunities for the Kingston Group Centre. The design will contribute positively to the surrounding streetscape and provide a sympathetic architectural form through the use of Stripped Classical inspired massing but deliver a truly modern building design through the incorporation of suitable fenestration and articulation using high quality materials and finishes.

The proposal will incorporate a number of sustainability initiatives to help with responding to climate change, including the provision of trees within deep root planting zones and permeable ground within the site boundaries. The building will be accessible on foot via both the street and laneway frontages encouraging pedestrian permeability through the site.

The proposal is now being presented to the community as part of Pre-DA consultation activities.

The Proponent and Project Team

GEOCON, the lessee for the above sites, has engaged Turco & Associates, DSB Landscape Architects and Purdon Planning as the consultants for the redevelopment of 84-86 Giles Street, Kingston.

The Site

The site is located within the Kingston Group Centre and is approximately 1981m2 in area. It is bound by Giles Street to the north, multi-unit residential complexes to the east/south-east, a laneway to the south and the Kingston Post Office to the West.

Statutory Planning

The subject site is formally recognised as Blocks 22 and 13 of Section 22 Kingston. The site is zoned CZ2 – Business Zone, under which the proposed non-retail commercial use is permitted. Possible uses at the ground floor, including SHOP use, are also permitted within the zone.

While the details of the design are still being finalised, the overall design is considered consistent with the relevant Territory Plan Codes. The relevant Codes include the Kingston Precinct Code, the Commercial Zones Development Code, and the general codes where applicable.

The Kingston Precinct Code identifies the site in the ‘RC3 – Kingston Group Centre’ area which provides additional rules/criteria that are applicable to the site. The site is noted as having additional prohibited development restrictions within the Precinct Code, however, none of the prohibited uses in the code are proposed as part of this DA. Part of the Precinct Code provides additional controls for ground floor uses, noting the secondary active frontage nominated at the Giles Street boundary of the site. There is a specific desired character statement which the development will address as part of the DA for the proposal. It is considered at this preliminary stage that this development is consistent with the controls applicable within this code.

The proposal responds well to the applicable controls of the Commercial Zones Development Code due to the quality and design of materials and finishes, in addition to site and building design that promotes attractive streetscapes and active connections to the adjacent public areas. The height of the building retains appropriate levels of solar access to nearby residential dwellings and the ground floor will permit a range of uses.

The proposal provides substantial car and bicycle parking in accordance with the relevant general codes and provides accessibility across the site in accordance with the Access and Mobility General Code. The site design allows for activity generators across the block and provides substantial sightlines to enable a strong response to the Crime Prevention through Environmental Design General Code.

As detailed below the proposal responds well to the objectives of the zone as reproduced below. The CZ2 – Business Zone Objectives are:

  1. Provide for office and business sites that are accessible to public transport and convenience retailing and services
  2. Provide a diverse range of accommodation sizes and locations for offices close to the retail core
  3. Encourage provision of convenient outlets for goods, services and facilities to meet the needs of the workforce
  4. Create vibrant lively pedestrian routes and public spaces
  5. Ensure a high quality urban environment through use of sustainable design and materials and maintain a high level of amenity for employees and the public
  6. Promote active living and active travel
  7. Provide a high quality public realm by facilitating active uses on ground floor level that connects with the wider open space, pedestrian and cycle networks to promote active travel and active living.
  8. Encourage an attractive, safe, well-lit and connected pedestrian environment with convenient access to public transport

The proposed development is within 400m of a well serviced rapid bus route on Wentworth Avenue and bicycle parking will be provided to encourage active/public transport use. The three floors of non-retail commercial space are adjustable to enable varied office sizes and the site introduces a different commercial opportunity to the group centre – which is currently focussed on retail. Connection between the laneway and street has been allowed for as part of this proposal which will encourage pedestrian activity. An adjustable, visually permeable ground floor will further encourage activity on the site and appropriate vegetation, lighting and sightlines will be provided that together with the other items detailed, will result in an attractive, safe, well-lit and connected pedestrian environment with convenient access to public transport.

Architectural Plans

Plans are available for download via the below link. Please note that these plans are a work in progress and may be subject to minor changes throughout the design development stage.

Architectural Concept Plans (PDF)

Opportunities for Community Input/Feedback

A ‘postcard’ providing information on the proposed development was delivered to residents within the local area on 20th July 2021.

To register for the virtual consultation please email us at

The project team will also be contacting various community groups to ensure their members and other interested persons have the opportunity to provide comments prior to the lodgement of a Development Application.

If you’d like further information or would like to discuss the Proposal, please don’t hesitate to contact Purdon Planning.

Comments can be provided via: 6257 1511 or

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