Block 9 Section 7 Braddon (220 Northbourne Avenue)

Block 9 Section 7 Braddon (220 Northbourne Avenue)

Community Consultation which was undertaken between 11 October – 1 November 2021 has now been completed. 

The Site

The site is located within Braddon and is approximately 10,663m2 in area. It is bound by Wakefield Avenue to the north, multi-unit residential complexes to the east/south-east, commercial offices to the south and Northbourne Avenue to the west.

The Proponent and Project Team

EVRI GROUP, the proponent for the above site, has engaged Fender Katsalidis Architects, Oculus Landscape Architects and Purdon Planning as part of the consultant team for the redevelopment of this site.

The Proposal

The current vacant buildings at 220 Northbourne Avenue are proposed to be demolished and rebuilt as a mixed use commercial and residential precinct, located at the intersection of Northbourne Avenue and Wakefield Avenue. An accompanying Lease Variation Development Application will occur simultaneously to incorporate additional commercial uses appropriate to the precinct proposed.

The residential component is one of Canberra’s first true ‘Build-to-Rent’ proposals, allowing a variety of unit arrangements for short or long term tenancies.

Three buildings are proposed on this block responding to the National Capital Plan’s development requirements and permitted building heights at this main intersection, along one of Canberra’s main avenues and approach routes into the City.

Link to the NCA City and Gateway Corridor Requirements :

(Source: National Capital Plan_rev April 2021)

The building closest to Wakefield Avenue is solely residential, with SOHO-type residences at the ground level and a variety of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units above to 10 storeys (max height 32m). The building in the middle hosts the primary access and lobby concierge, plus co-working office and commercial tenancies and ground level, and residential units above of 13 storeys (max RL617). The third building furthest to the south is a commercial building of 6 storeys (max height 25m).

The residential component of the development proposes approximately 430 units, made up of 1, 2, 3 bedroom and SOHO (Small Office/Home Office)-type residences with associated balconies for private open space. The residents will have additional amenity areas including communal rooftop gardens, private indoor swimming pool, games and function rooms, and commercial tenancies at ground level.

These commercial elements are intended to include a mixture of retail, restaurant and café, as well as a commercial gym and wellness spaces, which the private residents will also have access to.

Associated basement car parking, resident’s storage cages, commercial End-of-Trip bicycle facilities and communal open spaces at ground level are also proposed.

The proposal will incorporate a number of sustainability initiatives to help with responding to climate change. The precinct is proposed to be largely powered by electricity and thermal modelling has informed the design of units. The proposed landscape of the precinct includes the provision of trees within deep root planting zones, permeable ground areas within the site boundaries. Buildings are within circa 60m to the nearest Light Rail stop and pedestrian permeability is encouraged through the site, encouraging activity at the ground plane with access to the commercial tenancies.

The proposal is being presented to the community as part of mandatory Pre-DA consultation activities.

Statutory Planning

The subject site is formally recognised as Block 9 of Section 7 Braddon. The site is zoned CZ5 – Mixed Use, under which the proposed residential and commercial uses is permitted. Possible uses at the ground floor, including SHOP use, are also permitted within the zone.

While the details of the design are still being finalised, the overall design is considered consistent with the relevant Territory Plan Codes as well as the special requirements (City and Gateway Corridor) of the National Capital Plan. The relevant current Codes include the Braddon Precinct Code, Northbourne Avenue Precinct Code, the Commercial Zones Development Code, Multi Unit Housing Development Code and the general codes where applicable. Consideration to Draft Variation No. 368 of the Territory Plan (City and Gateway) has also been applied, however it is understood the principles of the revised National Capital Plan (April 2021)- City and Gateway Corridor, will be applied in updated Precinct Codes of the Territory Plan as a result of this proposed variation.

The Braddon Precinct Code identifies the site in the ‘MT2’ area, to which the Northbourne Avenue Precinct Code applies. The latter code regards this site as ‘Commercial CZ5 – Residential Mixed Use’. To note is the National Capital Plan (revised April 2021) generally takes precedence over the requirements of the Northbourne Avenue Precinct Code (effective 14 June 2019).

The proposal responds well to the applicable controls of the National Capital Plan and the Territory Plan Codes, due to the high quality design and proposed materials of the buildings; the high quality landscaped setting at this prominent intersection; the through-site pedestrian connections; and the on-site residential and commercial amenities. The height of the buildings retains appropriate levels of solar access to nearby residential dwellings and the ground floor will permit a range of uses for both residents and visitors to the site.

The proposal will provide the basement car and bicycle parking in accordance with the relevant general codes and provides accessibility across the site and within several residential units, in accordance with the Access and Mobility General Code. The site design allows for pedestrian activity across the block, and views from upper levels to enable a strong response to the Crime Prevention through Environmental Design General Code.

As detailed below the proposal responds well to the objectives of the zone as reproduced below. The CZ5- Mixed Use Zone Objectives are:

  1. Encourage higher density residential development in locations with convenient access to transport corridors, and commercial and employment centres
  2. Create an efficient and sustainable urban environment and provide for a diversity of living, working and recreation opportunities
  3. Maintain and enhance environmental amenity and undertake development using best practice environmentally sustainable development principles
  4. Encourage a standard of urban design that is consistent with selected major avenues, approach routes and other strategically located areas
  5. Encourage activities particularly at street frontage level that contribute to an active public realm
  6. Promote active living and active travel
  7. Provide a high-quality public realm by facilitating active uses on ground floor level that connects with the wider open space, pedestrian and cycle networks to promote active travel and active living.
  8. Provide a mixture of compatible land uses and integrate suitable business, office, residential, retail and other development in accessible locations so as to encourage walking and cycling, and maximise public transport patronage.

The proposed development provides for a high density mixed developed of residential and commercial uses within circa 60m of a Light Rail stop on Northbourne Avenue, and bicycle parking will be provided to encourage active/public transport use. Pedestrian connection is encouraged from this main intersection through the site to benefit from the range of commercial uses, predominantly at ground level. High quality design and materials are proposed for the buildings as well as the site landscaping, particularly along Northbourne Avenue, as a Main Avenue and Approach Route of towards the City (National Capital Plan, April 2021).

Architectural Plans

Plans are available for download via the below link. Please note that these plans are a work in progress and may be subject to minor changes throughout the design development stage.

Architectural concept plans

Opportunities for Community Input/Feedback

A ‘postcard’ providing information on the proposed development was delivered to residents/businesses within the local area on 11 October 2021.

The project team will also be contacting various community groups to ensure their members and other interested persons have the opportunity to provide comments prior to the lodgement of a Development Application.


1) Will my house/apartment be overshadowed by this development?

Please refer to the draft shadow diagrams to show how the shadows will move through the day.

2)  Where will garbage be collected?

A rear service lane is provided, with access from Wakefield Avenue that exits onto Northbourne Avenue.

Private commercial waste collection will be arranged weekly. Residential waste will be collected twice weekly

3) Will the access from Northbourne Avenue remain?

No entry access from Northbourne Avenue is proposed. Only waste trucks will be permitted to exit onto Northbourne Avenue.

4) Where will the main vehicle access to the site be located?

The vehicle access to the site is from Lowanna Street.

5) How high are the buildings?

The building heights range from 25m-45m (6-13 storeys for the different buildings, as permitted in the National Capital Plan). Please refer to elevation drawings as well as the information provided (Figure 149) above which has been provided from the National Capital Plan.

6) How much parking will be provided?

Parking will be provided in the basement levels. Numbers proposed will be below what is required by the Parking and Vehicular Access General Code, due to the location on Northbourne Avenue with easy access to the Light Rail., thereby reducing the vehicle pressure on neighbouring streets. Bicycle parking is also proposed to promote active travel, in line with the National Capital Plan and Territory Plan principles.

7) Will the proposal create traffic congestion at the intersection of Northbourne Avenue and Wakefield Avenue?

A Traffic Impact Assessment will be provided with the DA submission, which will be undertaken by a qualified Traffic Engineer. Reduced parking is proposed, as stated above, which will reduce the number of vehicles accessing the site. In addition, it is expected that the Light Rail will form the dominant mode of transport due to the location of the site.

8) Will I still be able to walk through the site to the light rail stop on Northbourne Avenue?

Yes. The design is intended to welcome and encourage public visitation and there is a strong focus on beautifying and improving the public space and quality of design in the area

9) Will the site create extra noise?

Any extra noise created will be symptomatic in waste handling and vehicle traffic. Effort has been made to heavily reduce the frequency of waste collection. The buildings themselves will buffer existing road noise from Northbourne Avenue. Cafes and restaurants are located in and around the public plaza area of the precinct and buffered by the building mass.

10) What is Build-to-Rent?

Build-to-Rent is simply the terminology applied to a residential building where all apartments are owned by a single owner. The basic composition of BtR is effectively the same as a more standard Build-to-Sell residential complex, where individual owners rent to individual tenants. The benefit of BtR for the tenants is a known quantity in their landlord, who is motivated to maintain and upkeep their asset. BtR rented apartments can also offer increased amenity, more proactive change without body corporates, and interpersonal and concierge style service.

Further Information

Comments can be provided via:

All comments should be received in writing, within the consultation timeframe, to be discussed at the online sessions, and/or responded to in our Results of Consultation Report, which will form part of the Development Application submission.

If you do not have access to email, please call us to register your comments on 02 6257 1511.

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