General Manager Richard Nash

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General Manager Richard Nash

Richard joined Purdon Planning as a Senior Urban Planner and was appointed our General Manager earlier this year.  With over a decades experience with strategic and urban planning he is passionate about seeing Canberra continue to grow and develop into an even more vibrant and engaging city.  We sat down with Richard and asked him a few questions about his role and what he loves out his hometown:

Why did you want to become an Urban Planner?

I wanted to be an urban planner because it’s such an important element to our daily lives, it shapes where we live, how we interact and how we develop as a community.

What is one of your favourite aspects of your role with Purdon Planning?

I enjoy engaging at all levels of government and the private sector to achieve better planning outcomes for our clients, our city and our region.

What do you like about living and working in Canberra?

Canberra is my city, I grew up here, I was educated here and, importantly, I came back here because it’s a city that has just about everything you could need with very little of the downsides that come with our bigger capital cities. We have a 15 minute rush hour, we live in an educated, egalitarian community and we have plenty of good places to work, eat and play. I’m most excited about seeing where Canberra is going and where we’ll be in the next decade.

Thanks Rich!


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